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GASP Repo | GASP is a text parser in the making. This is a link to the current source code.
PRISM Military Link | This link details the Military's aim at making an Ionisphere weather monitoring station, codenamed, PRISM.
Exploit2.txt, C Heap Overflow Script Link | This is part of a series of scripts modified from a random hacker book to work on modern day systems. | Heap.txt Overflow part 2 C script | Part two of the series of scripts that hack the box!

Security Document, wrote in 2016.
C Sockets Code Example, modified, from TCP/IP 2.0 Networking with Linux book. | Linux source code, easily modifiable to run on Windows using the Berkeley Sockets Implementation.
Windows VB.NET Sockets | Implementation Example, Modified from various Internet Sources, Inc. but not withstanding, the Microsoft Developer Networks site.
Hacking the Stack C Code Example. | Taken from
Machine_Code.txt | 16-bit Machine Codes, taken from the Intel CPU, using NASM and an Hex Editor!
Programmers 101 | Easy Intro to Programming
Rainbow Series (PRISM) FBI Security Manuals |Rainbows...light...refracted, to stop the insanity of space living...
Linked Lists | (How to) VB.NET
Binary Tree Using Classes | VB.NET Binary Tree Source Code