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About Us

We, at Paranoid Hacker, believe information is key and information is free. (Excuse the poetry...) We, at Paranoid Hacker, want the Rainbow Series of Security to be fully made aware in the public eye. That, rainbows - PRISMS of Light - are in fact security mechanisms of each countries DoD - and can and will be monitored by the DoD (Department of Defence.)

All of light itself is a fluid monitoring hybrid system of investigation - PRISM actually monitors the Ionisphere... This, Ionisphere, is in fact the basic elements of humanity - that can and will be investigated, if atomic principles are being denied.

I myself, have actively hacked reality - being able to run long distances without any prior training. An aging smoker - 40 yrs of age, in 2018 - I find myself pushing the boundaries of reality on a daily basis. Just recently, a heavy smoker - I decided to quit smoking, without any withdrawal apart from a feeling of disjointedness which is common when aspiring the heights of reality hacks.

In another scene, I find myself getting out of bed a different way - only to be able to enter a world where people are defying reality, the police are defenceless against these kind folk. I found comrades in the crowd of physics deniers.